OCWC Yogyakarta 2017: Day Two – Final Phase

Yesterday we brought you a full roundup from Day One of the Overclocking World Championship Yogyakarta 2017 Qualifier contest. Four of Indonesia’s top extreme overclockers rose to the occasion and made to the Final Phase. Here’s a roundup of all the action from Day Two which involved four 1v1 matches – two Semi-Finals, a Bronze Final and of course, the Grand Final.

The final day of the Yogyakarta 2017 leg of the HWBOT World Tour, as as with every stop of the tour, ended a real bang and a fine display of extreme overclocking. The previous day ended with the following four Indonesian overclockers earning their right to compete in the Finals Phase; IvanCupa, rhodie, BlueFiber and rOyal_flush (remember you can learn more about the four OCWC finalists here on the this blog from the HWBOT World Tour).

These guys would fight it out for the right to represent Indonesia in the Finals in Berlin, Germany at the end of the year. The format of the contest was the same as each of the previous events held on the World Tour. Four 30 minute 1v1 matches were scheduled on the main stage at Yogakomtek, one the busiest and most lively tech exhibitions you could imagine. Each match starts with a benchmark draw where a benchmark is drawn from the following pool.

  • Geekbench 3 Single core (6,410MHz Limit)
  • Geekbench 3 Single Core – ALL OUT
  • Geekbench 3 Memory Score Multi-Core – ALL OUT
  • 3DMark11 Physics (6,210MHz Limit)
  • 3DMark11 Physics – ALL OUT
  • HWBOT x265 1080p (6,012MHz Limit)
  • HWBOT x265 1080p – ALL OUT
  • 3DMark Fire Strike Physics – (6,012MHz Limit)
  • 3DMark Fire Strike Physics – ALL OUT
  • Intel XTU ALL OUT

Note: Each overclocker had one veto that he can use to avoid an unfavorable benchmark.

In terms of hardware, all overclockers had to use the following hardware, some of which was provided by the event organizers:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 7600K
  • Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2666CL16 2x8GB
  • Motherboard: Not Supplied – Any retail Z170 or Z270 (max 3 boards, retail BIOS only)
  • GPU: Any retail card without power connectors (non-IGP-stage only)
  • SSD: WD SSD 120GB, OS and benchmark pre-loaded (Win 10)
  • PSU: Seasonic 750W
  • Cooling: LN2 supplied but not hardware (i.e. LN2 pots etc)

Note: CPUs drawn at random before each match. CPUs must be proven to still work at the end of the session. A dead CPU means disqualification from the match.

Semi Final 1: Rhodie vs BlueFiber

In Semi Final 1 we have second vs third from the Qualification Phase, which means a 1v1 match between Rhodie vs BlueFiber. After a quick benchmark draw the match kicked off with a 30 minute encounter on the Geekbench 3 (multi-core) memory benchmark. This means a test all about pushing those Corsair DDR4 modules to the max with fingers crossed that your CPU has a decent memory controller.

BlueFiber was first out of the traps, making an initial score of 6,578 points. Rhodie was quick to reply however making a score of 6,534 points, just behind his competitor. BlueFiber was quick to assert his authority however, quickly jumping ahead to a score of 6,782 points which he built upon to then complete another benchmark run and score 7,018 points. Rhodie was struggling to get past the 6.7K mark however while BlueFiber extended his lead again with a score of 7,044 marks. BlueFiber won the match and would compete in the Final

Semi Final 2: IvanCupa vs r0yal_flush

As the rules dictate, first plays fourth from the Qualification Phase, which means a match between winner IvanCupa and fourth placed r0yal_flush. The benchmark chosen at random was the classic 3DMark 11 Physics test, with no restrictions on CPU frequency – ‘all out’ if you prefer.

It’s always interesting to see the different approaches from individual overclockers. Some prefer to quickly run the benchmark to get a baseline score, then gradually up the settings to improve scores with each run. Others prefer to tweak the system as best they can before making a benchmark run. IvanCupa is certainly of the former camp, while r0yal_flush is of the latter.

IvanCupa in fact made nine benchmark runs before R0yal_flush had even managed one. By the time that r0yal_flush made his score of 11,607 marks, we find that IvanCupa had already pushed ahead to 12,291 marks. Alas by the end of the 30 minute match IvanCupa had a score of 12,824 marks while r0yal_flush could not burst past 12K. IvanCupa would join his team mate from the AOCT contest in the final.

Bronze Final: Rhodie vs. r0yal_flush

The Bronze Final is all about the fight for third place and saw Rhodie take on r0yal_flush in a 30 minute match on Intel XTU with no limitations on CPU frequency, making it all about pushing the Kaby lake Core i5 7600K processors to the absolute limit.

Rhodie was first to make a few XTU runs, culminating in a score of 1,605 marks. R0yal_flush fought back however, moving from an initial score of 1,439 to eventually hitting 1,673, a score that would earn him 3rd place place in this year’s OCWC Yogyakarta contest. Congrats!

Grand Final: IvanCupa vs BlueFiber

The Grand Final kicked off with two overclockers who clearly know each other very well, being members of the Shaburi team that won the AOCT 2017 (Amateur Overclocking Tournament) just days ago (read more about the AOCT 2017 contest here). According to Jagat OC, the contest was described as a civil war, pitting brother against brother in a bid for OC supremacy. Both overclockers had enjoyed a great week, moving from amateur status to being two of the hottest extreme overclockers in Indonesia.

The benchmark drawn was the HWBOT x265 benchmark and its 1080p preset. BlueFiber was first to draw blood, making a score of 33.28 fps, some way ahead of his rival who’s first score was a baseline 26.08 fps. Things soon started to heat up however with BlueFiber laying down an impressive score of 40.16 fps which meant that IvanCupa was now playing catch up.

Making scores of 37.77 fps, 37.90 fps, IvanCupa eventually topped out at 39.26 fps. By this time BlueFiber had managed to push further on, making a final score of 40.57 fps.

BlueFiber is declared OCWC Yogyakarta 2017 winner! Congrats.

BlueFiber will now join steponz (US), PXHX (Brazil), Dancop (Germany), rsaninno (Italy) and DrWeez (South Africa) in the World Championship Finals in Berlin in December of this year. Congrats to all the Indonesian overclockers who took part in the contest, proving once again the Indonesia as world-class overclocking talent, and plenty of it!

You can find lots more content about the Yogyakarta 2017 event here on the HWBOT World Tour website, plus lots of great content from the guys at Jagat OC. All images used in the this article are used with permission from Jagat Review.

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