Lantzeyin (Taiwan) Wins Taipei II 2017 Ambient Contest

Last weekend the HWBOT World Tour returned to the streets of Taiwan for the Taipei II 2017 event. At the heart of the event we had some overclocking workshops run by respected Taiwan overclocker Coolaler. The whole thing took place in a tent just outside the iconic and famous GuangHua Computer Market in downtown Taipei. During pretty much the entiree weekend, local visitors to the market and the SynTrend shopping center were given the chance to learn the basics of overclocking and try it for themselves. The highlight however was surely the Taipei II Ambient contest were the weekend’s best two performers were pitted against each other in a 1v1 contest. Here’s a roundup of what happened.

Taipei II 2017 Ambient Contest: Hardware

For the Taipei II 2017 event, HWBOT was joined by hardware partners Intel, G.SKILL, Seasonic, plus support from local retailer CoolPC. All workshop and contest systems were based around the latest Skylake-X Intel Core i9 7920X processors. Motherboards from ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI and ASRock were used along with system memory from G.SKILL. G.SKILL provided some very nice Trident Z DDR4 3600MHz GB kits as well as some great examples of their latest keyboard an mouse peripheral products. All systems were powered by Seasonic PRIME Platinum 850 watt power supplies. CoolPC provided support with a range of All-in-One, Closed-Loop-Coolers from CoolerMaster, Antec, Thermaltake and Cryorig.

Taipei II 2017 Ambient Contest

Qualification Phase

Local enthusiasts and overclockers, many of whom are active members of the site and forum, attended the event. For most it was a chance to learn the basics in a workshop hosted by Coolaler himself, but for a few more savvy attendees, it was a chance to show what they could do. The highest scorers in the Intel XTU benchmark after two days of workshops and benching were invited to compete in the 1v1 Final at the end of Day 2. At the end of two days of pretty competitive overclocking, we were treated to a final 1v1 match between locals Lanzetyn and Mike.

1v1 Final Phase

The rules for the 1v1 Final match in Ambient contests is pretty simple. Overclockers sit down at a system at default settings with no BIOS profiles. The benchmark chosen is Intel XTU, with system tweaking allowed both within BIOS and within the app itself. Both overclockers are given 15 minutes to score as highly as possible. After this time period is complete, they switch systems. Systems are reset again, and the second 15 minute period begins. At the end of this period both scores are added up. Highest score wins.

Firstly a look at the two finalists. Lantzeyin is an Enthusiast HWBOT member who has actually won a HWBOT Ambient contest before. He was champion of the HWBOT World Series for Amateurs Asia contest back in June 2016. Back then he beat Jimmy Lin at live at Computex 2016 in a tense final so it’s certainly fair to say that this fella has some pedigree. His highest score in Qualification Phase was an XTU score of 4110 marks which he achieved by pushing his Core i9 7920X processor to a very solid 4,790MHz.

His opponent, known simply as Wtomioke, or just Mike if you prefer, actually made the highest score of the weekend with an XTU run on day two that scored 4149 marks with the processor clocked at 4,690MHz. This suggests that perhaps he configured the DDR4 memory that bit better than his Taiwanese counterpart. For the record, it’s also the highest non-subzero score so far posted on HWBOT. Nice going.

It’s always interesting to see the different approaches that overclockers make in a live competitive environment. It’s also interesting to see how a 15 minute time limit can suddenly add a certain tension to things. It was immediate that Lantzeyin was happy to take his time by making a few fairly low levels scores at the start and gradually ramping things up in pretty careful and considered way. If you consider that a score of around 3,251 marks is what you can achieve at default settings, a score of 3,457 after just 5 mins is not bad going. Lantzeyin was soon off the mark and improving with each run.

The less experienced Mike however was not having such a good time. Trying to boot with Vcore at 1.3v proved to be pretty futile and brought nothing but a series of BlueScreens. After several system crashes and head scratching, he finally ended up with a score of 3,360 marks XTU. All attempts to push things further failed. Meanwhile Lantzeyin was going from strength to strength moving on to hit scores of 3,702 and eventually a top score of 3,832. Lantzeyin held the advantage at the halfway point.

After switching systems we were interested to see how Lantzeyin would cope with a system that seemed to show signs of instability at higher voltages. He once again applied his gradual, steady approach and eventually settled for a score of 3,661 marks. Would this be enough to keep Mike at bay? Mike again probably tried to rush things a little by starting off with fairly aggressive voltage and multiplier settings. After several Bluescreens he managed a score of 3,610 marks. Not enough to take the win.

At the end of the contest we find that Mike had a final combined score of 7,240 marks while veteran Lantzeyin had a total of 7,493 marks. Lantzeyin was declared HWBOT Taipei II 2017 Ambient Champion. Mike took second place while everless (Taiwan) was declared third place finisher after his work in the Qualification Phase. Prizes from G.SKILL and Seasonic were given to the three winners.

Congrats to all who attended the Taipei II 2017 workshop sessions, and of course to Lantzeyin and Mike who provided a compelling climax to a great weekend of competitive overclocking.

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