Performance Matters Helium Night: Photos and Video

Allow me to draw your attention to some great content from media partner OverClocking-TV who were in attendance at the Performance Matters Helium Night event in Taipei earlier this week. The event brought together many of the world’s most prominent technology media as well as industry partners Intel, ASUS and Seasonic. The highlight of the event was an overclocking session with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake-X processors using liquid helium. We can now bring you photos of the event as well as a video that features an Intel Core 7740K being pushed to 7.5GHz.

The Performance Matters Helium Night event was held at the W Hotel in downtown Taipei, Taiwan, one of the most iconic locations in the city. The liquid helium overclocking session was conducted by several members of the ASUS ROG team which included several well known HWBOT members; World No.1 Dancop was joined by fellow German der8auer ad Sweden’s Elmor. The session included several attempts at breaking World Records, many of which were smashed in front of the onlooking technology media. Check out the pictures below:

You can also watch the video from OCTV below which features a run using liquid helium to push a Core i7 7740K to 7.5GHz:

In the end the ROG team managed, not only to push the Core i7 7740K to 7650MHz, they also managed to break the World Records for both SuperPi 32M and PiFast, two classic benchmarks which illustrate the performance of Intel’s new Kaby-Lake-X platform. You can find the full press release with more details regarding the Performance Matters Helium Night here.

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