HWBOT World Tour – Cape Town 2017: Photo Album

Just a few days ago the HWBOT World Tour rolled into town in Cape Town for EGE (Electronics & Gamers Expo), one of the biggest tech and gaming events in South Africa. As with all World Tour event the mission was to spread the love of Overclocking, exposing gamers and enthusiasts at the show to both competitive Extreme Overclocking with LN2 and the more everyday style Ambient Overclocking that everyone can try with their PC at home. Today we bring the full photo album from Cape Town 2017. All credits for the pictures go to the guys from OverClocking-TVCreative Common 4.0 – BY-NC-SA

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Poitiers – 2017: Photo Album

Just a few days ago we came to the conclusion of the Poitiers 2017 leg of the HWBOT World Tour. It was a fantastic chance for the HWBOT team to interface with gamers, modders, PC builders and enthusiasts at Gamers Assembly in France. The team hosted overclocking workshops plus ambient and extreme overclocking contests. These included the Overclocking World Championship Poiters 2017 Qualifier contest. If you missed all the action from the event, don’t worry – you can now enjoy a photo album courtesy of our valued media partners OverClocking-TV

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