HWBOT World Tour – Sao Paulo 2017 Event Details Emerge

The HWBOT World Tour – Sao Paulo 2017 is our second event of the year. Like last year, the Campus Party Sao Paulo is our venue for the only Latin American overclocking event of the year. From January 31 until February 5 you can join some of Brazil’s best overclockers to learn about overclocking and see them in action. The event features an interesting amateur workshop and of course a qualification tournament for the Overclocking World Championship

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HWBOT World Tour – Sao Paulo 2017: Tickets Available Now

In just over a month from now the HWBOT World Tour 2017 team will be heading to Brazil for the Latin American leg of the tour. The event will be held at the Campus Party in Sao Paulo, one of the biggest LAN parties on the continent. Today we are really happy to announce that tickets for the Sao Paulo 2017 event are now available.

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