Sidney6442 (Canada) Wins HWBOT World Tour Montreal 2017 Ambient Contest

Just a few days ago the HWBOT World Tour was in town at Montreal for DreamHack 2017. The mission as ever was to spread the word of Overclocking to gamers and enthusiasts at the show, the highlight of which was the HWBOT World Tour Montreal 2017 Ambient contest. Today we bring you news that the contest was eventually won by Rookie overclocker Sidney6442. Congrats to you sir. Let’s have a quick look at the action in a little detail.

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Dan007 Wins HWBOT World Tour – Sao Paulo 2017 Ambient Tournament

The HWBOT World Tour continued yesterday (or earlier this morning depending on where you live) with the amateur, or ambient stages of the Sao Paulo – 2017 event. The combatants were of course attendees at the Campus Party in Sao Paulo, Brazil. All attendees were invited to learn the basics of system tweaking and then encouraged to try and score as highly as possible in the Intel XTU benchmark. The great news is that this year the team saw a record 151 amateurs make a submission on the OC-ESPORTS platform, beating last years’ figure of 143.

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