Poitiers – 2017: Photo Album

Just a few days ago we came to the conclusion of the Poitiers 2017 leg of the HWBOT World Tour. It was a fantastic chance for the HWBOT team to interface with gamers, modders, PC builders and enthusiasts at Gamers Assembly in France. The team hosted overclocking workshops plus ambient and extreme overclocking contests. These included the Overclocking World Championship Poiters 2017 Qualifier contest. If you missed all the action from the event, don’t worry – you can now enjoy a photo album courtesy of our valued media partners OverClocking-TV

Performance Tuning Workshops

A key mission of the HWBOT World Tour 2017 is to interface with gamers and PC enthusiasts to teach them how to get more performance from their gaming rig. With the help of the French Federation of Overclockers (the FFOC), we were able to put together some really popular overclocking workshops.  These gave visitors a chance to learn the basics of overclocking. Score as highly as possible in the Intel XTU benchmark and you could win some fantastic prizes.

Overclocking World Championship – Poitiers 2017 Qualifier

Europe’s Elite and Extreme Overclockers had the opportunity to compete in the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier contest. Contest winner Dancop walked away with a ticket to the Overclocking World Championship Final at the end of the year – a fantastic chance to compete against overclockers from around the world for the right to be crowned Overclocking World Champion of 2017.

You can learn more about the OCWC -Poiters 2017 contest with this full report on OC-ESPORTS.

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