[Video] Poitiers 2017: Round Table Discussion with FFOC and HWBOT

The HWBOT team traveled to Poitiers, France in April of this year as part of the HWBOT World Tour 2017. The event centered on the world of overclocking and as with all World Tour events, it featured a range of unique activities targeted specifically at gamers and enthusiasts in attendance at the Gamers Assembly event. These activities included Overclocking Workshops, an Ambient contest and the Overclocking World Championship Poitiers Qualifier contest. One other segment of the show however that perhaps didn’t receive so much publicity and attention, was a Round Table discussion that took place during the event. Today we can bring you a video that has been published on the Gamers Assembly YouTube channel.

The Round Table discussion took on the topic of professional overclocking, introducing the topic to small crowd of gamers and enthusiasts who dropped by to take and interact with the panel assembled on stage. The panel included several of France’s most prominent and pro-active overclockers including two focal members of the FFOC (French Federation of Overclocking). These included Jean-Michel “Wizerty” Tisserand and Rémy “Mylth” Faurie. HWBOT was represented by Timothée “Xyala” Pineau and Pieter-Jan “Massman” Plaisier. Check out the video below:

The discussion is of course in French. It deals largely with the topic of how, at the highest end of the sport, overclocking is becoming more and more professionalized. Overclockers are now using their expertise to help hardware companies develop products. Engaging with elite level overclockers is in fact an essential way to make sure that your product is capable of truly industry leading performance.

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