HWBOT World Tour, Moscow 2017: Photo Album

Last week the HWBOT World Tour rolled in to town for the Moscow 2017 event, the eighth stop of this year’s tour. The event was hosted at IgroMir Expo, a technology expo show that is held annually in Moscow, Russia. It was in fact the first time that HWBOT World Tour had been to East Europe and offered a great chance to spread the word of Overclocking to Russia’s tech savvy enthusiast and gaming crowd. Today we can bring you some really great photos of the event thanks to our partner OverClocking-TV. Enjoy!

Moscow 2017 and the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier

As with any HWBOT World Tour event, the idea is to promote the hobby of overclocking. To this HWBOT organized overclocking workshops were attendees could learn all about overclocking and the skills needed to take part. After learning the basics of how to push the CPU of a system, it’s time to get hands on and try to score as highly yourself. The show also featured some seriously extreme overclocking in the form of the Overclocking World Championship, Moscow 2017 Qualifier contest. Eight of the region’s top overclockers were invited to spend four days at the ASUS Russia booth at IgroMir Expo where they would compete on three specific benchmarks. Day 4 consisted of 1v1 Semi-Final and Final matches to decide which overclocker would be invited to Berlin in December for the OCWC Finals.

The Moscow 2017 event also debuted a different kind of workshop environment. Instead of setting up workshop systems in main expo area of the show (as we have previously done) HWBOT organizer Xyla had the idea of moving the entire area inside a massive container. Not only would it shelter the workshop attendees from the noisy expo area, it also offered a very cool, almost other-worldly environment where attendees could chill out and push their PCs. Check out the awesome pics below of our very first OC Workshop Trailer.

You can learn more about the Moscow 2017 event here.

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