Extreme Overclocking Workshops, Montreal 2017: Photo Gallery

Just a few days ago we came to the conclusion of the HWBOT World Tour Montreal 2017. Taking place at DreamHack 2017, the event brought the world of overclocking both ambient and extreme to gamers and enthusiasts at the event. A cornerstone of each and every HWBOT World Tour event is to give attendees a chance to try it for themselves. This difference this time around is that things got a little more… extreme shall we say.

This usually involves Ambient workshops where experienced overclockers offer a workshop that involves pushing a system on air or liquid cooling. At Montreal 2017 however, we took this a major step further, offering full on workshops that deal with the art of Extreme Overclocking. Today we can bring you some great photos from the Montreal 2017 XOC Workshop sessions.

Of course the step up from Ambient overclocking to Extreme Overclocking is in many ways quite a leap. There are a hundred skills needed to really push a system using liquid nitrogen. From motherboard preparation, LN2 pot mounting and of course actually handling the LN2 itself, there’s a great deal to learn.

Trouffman and his buddy Xyala from OverClockingTV where in attendance as key members of the HWBOT team. They brought along the gear and equipment needed to get down to some seriously extreme Overclocking. They were also joined by other experienced N.American overclockers who helped out with the XOC Workshops.

As well as the photo album above, you can also find video footage of the XOC Workshops on the OverClockingTV TwitchTV channel right here.

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