[Video] Tech YES City Enjoy Overclocking at ‘Performance Matters – Six by South Wharf’ Event

Last weekend the HWBOT World Tour made its big debut in Australia, taking the world of Overclocking to PAX AU, the biggets gaming show in Australia. Possibly the highlight of the weekend was the ‘Performance Matters – Six by South Wharf’ event which took place at the Wharf Hotel. The event was organized with partners Intel, AORUS and Seasonic and give visiting Aussie media chance to see systems based on the latest Intel Coffee Lake architecture processors. In terms of media coverage, we simply have to bring you this video (below) from Tech YES City which shows exactly how much overclocking fun took place.

Performance Matters – Six by South Wharf

The video from Tech YES City is well worth a look and features a great interview with HWBOT member moloko who gives a really good overview of the event and things that were going on. HiCookie was joined by TeamAU’s YoungPro, together working hard to push an Intel Core i7 8700K to new heights. They eventually managed to break two 3DMark World Records. World-class gaming streamer loserfruit was also at the event, doing her thing using a PC which was kept pumping away at a very nice 6GHz under LN2.



As moloko explains, the event was a great way to not only show the full potential performance of the latest Intel Coffee Lake platform, but also the skills of Australia’s most respected and seasoned veteran overclocking. It also underlines the fact that when Aussie’s get down to some overclocking they do it with a smile on their face and a beer in hand. Good old fashioned OC fun.


You can learn more about the Performance Matters – Six by South Wharf event here with this offical announcement. You can read more about the World Records that were broken at the event here on HWBOT.
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