HWBOT World Tour Apparel (and Mugs) Now Available

In celebration of the HWBOT World Tour 2017 were have teamed up with Teespring to offer some exclusive World Tour branded apparel. The HWBOT World Tour apparel range includes a selection of uniquely designed T-Shirts, Hoodies and mugs – the perfect way to commemorate the biggest global Overclocking event ever conceived.

The idea behind the HWBOT World tour is to spread the word of Overclocking in as many corners of the globe as possible. The 2017 World Tour is our most ambitious ever, spanning 11 locations around the world. At each location we not only reach out to newcomers to expose them to a new world of Overclocking, we also setup a stage where local Extreme Overclockers can hang out, trade advice, techniques and skills and generally have a good time among like-minded folk – all with copious amounts of LN2 on hand. There are also Ambient and Extreme contests, not least of all the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier series which is arguably the centerpiece of every World Tour stop.

In short the HWBOT World Tour seeks to touch the hearts and minds of enthusiasts and seasoned Overclockers in as many places around the globe as possible. Attendees at HWBOT World Tour events are pretty much guaranteed a memorable occasion, which is all the more reason to offer this range of high quality apparel as official World Tour memorabilia. All merchandise on offer features the HWBOT World Tour logo, the signature World Tour Map and /or the #Performance Matters slogan. Check out the product images below:

HWBOT World Tour T-Shirts

HWBOT World Tour Hoodies

HWBOT World Tour Mugs


You can purchase these exclusive HWBOT World Tour items direct from the HWBOT Store on Teespring by visiting this link.

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