HWBOT World Tour 2017 – Global Kick Off Giveaway

The first stop of the HWBOT World Tour 2017 is almost upon us. In celebration we are offering the chance for all our social media followers to win some fantastic prizes with our Global Kick Off Giveaway. To take part all you have to do is click here, make a few likes and tell us who your favorite Overclockers is. It really couldn’t be simpler. Prizes include a next Generation Intel Core processor, a next generation GIGABYTE motherboard and a Seasonic power supply.

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 starts just a day from now with a Kick Off Event and Party in Las Vegas. The event takes place  just as the doors open at CES 2017, the biggest tech trade show in the US. The good news is that even if you’re unable to attend the event, where Overclockers from around the world will demonstrate their skills with latest Intel processor and next generation motherboards from GIGABYTE, you can still take part in our Global Kick Off Giveaway contest.

Global Kick Off Giveaway

The contest runs from today until Jan 14th (11:30pm GMT+8). Thanks to our Las Vegas 2017 partners Intel, GIGABYTE and Seasonic there are some truly awesome prizes on offer. A next generation Intel Core processor will be joined with the very latest motherboard offering from GIGABYTE, Las Vegas 2017 event hosts. Official HWBOT World Tour 2017 power supply partners Seasonic are also offering a Snow Silent 750 power supply.

Click here to enter the HWBOT Global Kick Off Giveaway contest.

HWBOT World Tour 2017

The idea of the HWBOT World Tour is bring the key concepts of Overclocking to as many people in the world as possible. The World Tour in 2017 builds on the success of previous years and is the is the most expansive yet. Each World Tour stop is held at a major gaming event or industry trade-show, maximizing reach within the PC enthusiast community.

HWBOT hosts Overclocking Workshops were total newbies can discover the art of Overclocking, enjoy some expert tuition from an expert Overclocker and then get down to pushing the hardware themselves. Another key aspect of every World Tour event are the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier contests. These are extreme overclocking contests where the world’s best Overclockers compete for prizes and a place in the World Championship Final at the end of year.


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