LanETS – Montreal, Canada – April 15-17


Running from April 15th – 17th the HWBOT World Tour at LanETS was partnered by ASUS, Seasonic, Praxair and TAITRA. All overclockers, PC enthusiasts and of course PC gamers were welcomed to join HWBOT and learn the basics of overclocking at the HWBOT OC Workshops. Attendees could also take part in the Amateur World Series contest and enjoy Extreme Overclocking contests where a place in the HWBOT World Championship Finals was at stake.

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We would like to thank the following event partners for joining this world tour stop:

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The HWBOT World Tour at LanETS Montreal: Event Schedule



Overclocking classes for amateurs and first timers taught by local overclockers. Learn the basics and start overclocking, then submit your XTU score. Top four scores enter the World Series Amateur Finals (see below). Note: PCs for the workshop are provided by HWBOT and the event partners.


Extreme overclockers from North America compete to win prizes including a place in the World Championship Final at the end of the year. The Qualification round will commence in mid-afternoon and involve several benchmarks, lasting 3 hours.


The top four amateur scores from the OC workshop are invited to compete head to head on XTU in Semi-final and Final rounds to win some top prizes from our sponsors. At the same time, the top four extreme overclockers will compete in 1v1 semi-final rounds. The 1v1 contests will continue in the early evening with a Third Place Playoff and Final round to decide the winner.


A BYOC bench party for extreme and enthusiast overclockers

Learn more about the HWBOT World Tour here:

Competition Prizes



1st Place:

  • Ticket to HWBOT World Championship
  • ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero motherboard
  • Seasonic P-760 PSU
  • G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory Kit
  • Streacom BC1 Benchtable

2nd Place::

  • ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard
  • Seasonic P-760 PSU
  • Streacom BC1 Benchtable

3rd Place::

  • G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory Kit



1st Place::

  • ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero motherboard
  • Seasonic P-760 PSU
  • G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory Kit
  • Streacom BC1 Benchtable

2nd Place::

  • ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero motherboard
  • Seasonic P-760 PSU
  • Streacom BC1 Benchtable

3rd Place::

  • G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory Kit

World Series Contest Results

HWBOT World Series: North America

The first phase of the contest at LanETS involved a qualifying round where 5 extreme overclockers competed for places in the quarter final stage. The qualification stage took place throughout the Saturday afternoon (4pm to 7pm) of April 16th. Each overclocker was given three hours to submit scores on the following three benchmarks; XTU, SuperPi 32M, and 3DMark 11 Physics. Note however that for each of these benchmarks the CPUs were in fact limited to Skylake Core i7 6700K chips clocked no higher than 5GHz. Any Z170 motherboard was allowed.

After three hours of Overclocking we have leaderboard with Marco0053 leading the pack with a fiercely dominant display that reaped wins in all three stages. Rasparthe arrived in second place having claimed second place in each of the stages while MrBreeze from the US took third place all stages and of course third place overall on the leaderboard.

Here’s the Qualification round table in full as published on OC-ESPORTS:


From the table above it’s pretty clear that D3LTA KING and filmbot encountered some issues, failing to make a submission. This meant that only one semi final round was required with marc0053 getting a pass directly to the final.

Congrats to marco0053 who freely admits that his work with memory tweaking in recent months has really given him an edge when it comes to challenges that involve CPU frequency limitations. Despite some challenges on the SuperPi 32M benchmark in Stage 2 marco0053 managed to out do the competition in all stages.

Don’t forget you can check out the full standings and scores from the qualification round at the OC-ESPORTS website here:!/round/ws16_na_qualifier

Semi Final – Rasparthe vs MrBreeze

Fighting for a place in the final we had a one to one battle between Rasparthe vs. MrBreeze. As with previous World Series events the semi-final involved a random draw to decide which benchmark would be used. Benchmarks in the bag included XTU, 3DMark 11 Physics , Cinebench R11.5, Wprime 32M, GPUPI 100M, Reference Clock with each overclocker in possession of one veto, an interesting twist which can in theory lead to a battle of wits. The first benchmark out of the hat was GPUPI 100M which after a brief deliberation was agreed upon with no vetos being used.

Other restrictions in the semi-final included the provision of G.SKILL Trident memory kits and ASUS M8 Hero motherboards. Overclockers were allowed to use their own boards (using the one provided as back up) although only retail boards were allowed. Both the semi-final and the final were played out on a small stage at the LanETS event hall with 30 mins allowed in total.


Rasparthe quickly showed that he was not messing around, setting the pace by putting up a first score with a run in 16sec 193ms with just over a minute on the clock. This was soon followed by a run in 15sec 597ms, but after 14 minutes or so his system spat out the winning score of 14 sec 402ms. MrBreeze tried in vain to beat this score for the final 15 minutes of the contest but could muster a run of only 14 sec 680 ms. It is worth noting that Rasparthe is by far the more experienced overclocker of the two. In fact MrBreeze was arguably punching above his weight in this contest having relatively little experience with live LN2 benching.
Don’t forget that you can relive the whole occasion with full coverage available from Overclocking TV below:

Final – marc0053 vs. Rasparthe

The final proved to be a very evenly matched contest as Canada’s No1. and No.2 went head to head to decide who would end up going to Berlin for the World Championship Final at the end of the year. It’s interesting to note that both players also belong to the Extreme league on HWBOT and actually bench for the same team, who also happened to be media partners at the World Tour event in Montreal.

It’s also interesting to note that after the semi-final both overclockers had to re-draw their CPUs, so effectively they were both using CPUs that were unfamiliar to them and also memory that they had not used before – both facts that add additional obstacles in a live OC situation. Also note that non of the 6700K CPUs used in the contest had been delided so the Intel thermal paste would also be a factor when deciding just how cold to go.

Once again the benchmark for the final was drawn at random from the same six we saw in the semi-final. The first benchmark out of the hat was Cinebench R11.5 which was quickly deemed acceptable for both overclockers. So no vetos used in this round at all, perhaps due the fact that the CPUs were unknown to them. Both marc0053 and Rasparthe began by basically feeling out the scope of their processors performance with gradual incremental pushing of frequencies and voltages. The default score of an i7 6700K is 10.98 points in Cinebench R11.5, but after just ten minutes we could see marc0053 was already pushing the envelope pretty hard with a score of 13.63 points, slightly ahead of Rasparthe on 13.36 points. However within the last minute of play marc0053 managed to eek out a score of 13.82 to solidify his lead and claim the win.

So at the end of the contest the No.1 overclocker in Canada take his place in the World Championship Finals with a solid performance throughout the World Series North America Contest.


Watch the entire final as it was broadcast live by OverClocking TV on the day:

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