Computex – Taipei, Taiwan – May 31-June 4


Competitive overclocking took center stage at Computex 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan with both World Series Asia and World Series for Amateurs contests offering plenty of excitement. As well as Overlclocking Workshops for amateurs, great hardware and cash prizes were up for grabs, plus a chance to appear in the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals.

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Event Information

HWBOT World Series Asia: Contest Overview

Extreme Overclockers in possession of a World Tour ticket (see details below) are invited to compete in qualification rounds held daily from Tuesday, May 31st, to Friday June 3rd. The top three scorers on each day will win cash prizes (see below) with the top two entering a daily Face Off to decide who will attend the Semi-Finals on Saturday June 4th.


World Series Asia qualification rounds will center around three benchmarks (see below) and last three hours, commencing each day at 11.30am (with the exception of Tuesday May 31st which will begin at 12:00pm). After each qualification session at 5pm, the two top scoring overclockers will compete in a ‘1v1 Face Off’ on one randomly drawn benchmark. The winner will then be invited to compete in the Semi-Finals on Saturday June 4th. The Semi-Finals and Final will take place on the afternoon of June 4th and also follow a 1v1 Face Off format.

Detailed Contest Rules

Overclockers are welcome to compete for cash prizes on each day without limitation, however in the case of more than one win, only one place in the Semi-Finals will be awarded.


Qualification rounds will feature the following benchmarks, on the following days:

May 31

  • Cinebench R11.5
  • HWBOT Prime
  • 3DMark Vantage CPU

June 1

  • XTU Full Out
  • Geekbench3 Multi Core 4GHz
  • Memory Clock Quad Channel

June 2

  • 3DMark Fire Strike Physics 4GHz
  • Geekbench3 Multi Core Full Out
  • Cinebench R15

June 3

  • XTU 4GHz
  • 3DMark Fire STrike Physics Full Out
  • Memory Clock Single Channel

All 1v1 contests will feature a random draw using the following benchmarks:

  • XTU 4G
  • XTU Full Out
  • Cinebench R11.5
  • Cinebench R15
  • Geekbench3 Multi Core 4G
  • Geekbench3 Multi Core Full Out
  • HWBOT Prime
  • 3DMark Fire Strike Physics 4G
  • 3DMark Fire Strike Physics Full Out
  • 3DMark Vantage CPU test
  • Memory Clock Single Channel
  • Memory Clock Quad Channel

Each overclocker has one veto that can be used during the random benchmark draw. The highest ranking overclocker gets first option to veto the first benchmark drawn. If the 1st overclocker declines a veto, the 2nd overclocker will then be given the option to veto. Vetoed benchmarks will result in a redraw (minus the vetoed benchmark). Vetoes can only be used once per Face Off.


The following Hardware will be provided for the initial qualification rounds:

  • PSU
  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Memory
  • SSD + Operating System
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard / mice
  • 1x 500ml thermal flask

Additional Notes

  • Overclockers will need to bring their own graphics cards for the qualification round. (cards will be provided for 1v1 Face Off rounds).
  • Overclockers may bring their own personal motherboard to use in the qualification round. Only retail motherboards with a publically available BIOS are allowed and must be pre-approved by HWBOT staff.
  • Only CPUs provided by HWBOT can be used in the World Series Asia contest.
  • CPUs will be drawn at random each day and then returned at the end of the day to be redrawn on the following day.
  • CPUs and motherboards for the 1v1 Face Off contests will be drawn separately and will come from a different hardware pool.
  • All overclockers must exchange their passport to acquire a CPU.

Motherboards for the 1v1 rounds will be provided by HWBOT, with specific brands used on specific days. The following X99 platform motherboards will be used on the following days:

  • May 31st: ASRock
  • June 1st: MSI
  • June 2nd: ASUS
  • June 3rd: GIGABYTE

For the Semi-Finals and Finals, overclockers must use the same motherboard that was used in the 1v1 qualification round.

Qualification Round Prizes:
Each day the top three overclockers will receive the following cash prizes:
1st Place: $500 USD
2nd Place: $250 USD
3rd Place: $125 USD

Semi-Finals/Finals Prizes:
1st Place: Ticket to World Championship Finals + $1,000 USD
2nd Place: $500 USD
3rd Place: $250 USD


World Series Contest Results

World Series Asia: Semi-Finals

The Semi-Finals saw Hazzan (Indonesia) vs Raccon (Switzerland) followed by Dancop (Germany) vs Xtreme Addict (Poland). In Semi-Final 1 Racoon came out on top after some pretty close 1v1 action with an XTU score of 3259 points compared to Racoon’s 3227 points. Semi-Final two pitted World No.1 against World No. 2 on 3DMark Vantage, with Xtreme Addict taking advantage of a rare misstep from Dancop who pushed the voltage of his i7 6950X just marginally too high for the CPU drawn. Xtreme Addict pushed his chip by an additional 100MHz which resulted in a score of 82,589 marks, compared to Dancop who could only muster 81219 marks.


The Final: Xtreme Addict vs Hazzan

After four days of qualification rounds, plus two 1v1 Face Off Semi-Finals, it came down to two overclockers – Indonesia’s Hazzan vs Poland’s Xtreme Addict. Xtreme Addict is the current World No.2 and needs no introduction in terms of live overclocking contests. The Pole has a reputation for being one of the game’s truest competitors with several high profile and lucrative wins throughout his OC career. In the opposite corner we have Hazzan, another seasoned overclocker with plenty of live OC contests under his belt. Current No.2 in his homeland Indonsesia, Hazzan was well placed to give his Polish counterpart a very difficult time on the main stage.


The Final used the same 1v1 Face Off format that has been used throughout the contest, a format that tends to create plenty of tension and excitement and some true OC entertainment for the watching crowd at the event and on the live stream. Overclockers were bound by contest rules to use the same board that they qualified with; Hazzan would be using an MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon motherboard while Xtreme Addict was armed a GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion motherboard. In the initial benchmark draw both players used vetos to avoid memory clock frequency and XTU 4GHz – clearly both players were holding out for an ‘all out’ contest. The benchmark draw eventually threw up an absolute classic with Wprime 1024 becoming the area for the final fight, and what a fight it was.

From the off we saw Xtreme Addict fly out of the traps, wasting no time in finding the top clock frequency of the i7 6950X CPU he had received in the CPU draw (remember, all CPUs are drawn randomly at the start of the 1v1 contest to ensure as fair a fight as possible). Once he had settled the top CPU clock it was all about tuning the memory. Quite early on XA had a decent score of 50sec 80ms on the board. Hazzan looked to be having a bad day however, at least initially. With only ten minutes to go he had yet post a score. Moments later however, Hazzan gave the crowd something to cheer by posting a score of 49sec 955ms. As the clock ticked down to the wire a string of BSODs gave a clear indication of just how far these i7 6950X chips were being pushed. With just a few minutes left, Xtreme Addict made a run in just 49sec 657ms – alas a score that Hazzan could not beat despite a gargantuan effort to do so.


Xtreme Addict won the contest to much applause and appreciation from the gathering crowd which included several his fellow overclocking peers. Xtreme Addict walks away with a grand prize of $1,000 US dollars, plus a place in the World Championship in Berlin at the end of the year. Hazzan was presented with a check for $500 USD. Congrats and kudos to you both for making the World Series Asia Final one to remember!

Remember you can enjoy full replays of today’s action on on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel (below).

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