MakerBar – Taipei, Taiwan – June 6th to 9th 2014


The HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering was one of the very first major overclocking events organized independently by HWBOT. It was held during the weekend following Computex 2014 at the Maker Bar in downtown Taipei. For most of the overclockers in attendance, it was one of the major OC highlights of the year.

Computex 2014 proved to be a great trade-show for overclocking in general with many seasoned overclockers invited by industry partners to visit Taipei for the show. In fact Computex 2014 featured more overclocking events and competitions than any in previous years – a milestone historically speaking. The Anniversary Gathering wrapped up a week of overclocking while also celebrating the 10th Anniversary of HWBOT.

With lots of LN2 available the Anniversary Gathering allowed some of the world’s most talented and experienced overclockers to come together in one venue without restriction on what hardware to bench or what benchmarks to run. Most overclockers at the event were more than happy to rub shoulders with like-minded individuals and get acquainted with people that they had previously only met online. With the opportunity for all night-24 hour long benching sessions, it proved to be a great chance for many to chat, socialize, share ideas, show off some skills and generally have a good time.

Event Partners

We would like to thank the following event partners for joining this world tour stop:

Event Information

Event Schedule:

Date Opening hours What

June 6

12PM – 9PM

Setup + Bench

June 7

From 10AM


June 8

Until 12AM

June 9

10AM – 8PM

Bench + Pack

What HWBOT provided:
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Paper towels
  • Tables, chairs & power-bars
  • Lockers to store valuables
  • Internet access

Partner Contributions:

  • PSUs
  • Keyboard & mouse
  • Motherboards
  • Displays
  • Liquid nitrogen

Event Location

Event Coverage


Event has past. No more tickets for sale.