Marc0053 Crowned HWBOT World Champion of 2016

The climax of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 is the World Championship Final, the last event event of the World Tour and the event that ultimately decides who gets to become World Champion of 2016. The inaugural Championship Finals were held at the Caseking Showrooms in Berlin, Germany last weekend, and I think it’s fair to say that they did not disappoint. After an incredible day of the extreme, sub-zero overclocking with some of the world’s very finest talent on display, Canadian Marc0053 managed to beat Poland’s Xtreme Addict to become the first ever HWBOT World Champion.

First, let’s remind you of the contest format used in the World Championship Finals. Basically, all six of the World Series winners from the HWBOT World Tour qualified for the contest. These six were joined by the winner of the HWBOT Wild Card contest plus the winner of the ROG Camp 2016. This means that eight Overclockers competed, first in an initial qualification round, followed by 1v1 knock-out rounds involving Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and a Final.

In the qualification round Marc0053 actually managed to finish at the top of the qualification table with 26 points from a possible maximum of 30. This gave him the advantage of being paired with a less favored overclocker in the next stage, facing DSLREye who finished 8th in qualifying. The runner up in qualifying was PXHX from Brazil followed by Indonesia’s Lucky_n00b in third place with DrWeez in fourth. Check out the full table below:

You can find all the scores and submissions here on the contest page on OC-ESPORTS.

In the Quarter Finals Marc did indeed find a relatively easy path to the Semis as DSLREye unfortunately killed his CPU, disqualifying himself from the contest. Other Quarter Final victors included DrWeez who managed to overcome relative newcomer Bene11660, PXHX who beat Germany’s Bullshooter and Xtreme Addict who managed to outdo Luck_n00b.

Marc0053 faced a difficult test in the Semi-Final as he faced South African No.1 DrWeez. Competing on SuperPi 1M, Marc0053 proved to have the upper hand making a winning run of 5sec 907ms which narrowly edged out DrWeez who managed a run of 5sec 969ms. In the other dramatic Semi-Final Xtreme Addict manage to book a place in the final without making a single Y-Cruncher 1B score. His opponent PXHX looked nailed on for a win until it was revealed that he too had killed the CPU.

In the Final, Canada’s No.1 faced Poland’s No.1. The battle ensued on the HWBOT X265 benchmark were Marc’s ASUS motherboard managed to maintain optimal performance, helping the Canadian clinch the win with a score of 40.33 FPS. This was ahead of Xtreme Addict whose system would not push beyond 36.35 FPS.

Catch this awesome replay of the Final thanks to coverage from OverClocking-TV:

The HWBOT World Tour team would like to extend our congratulations to Marc0053 for his  success at becoming the first ever HWBOT World Champion. Well done!

You can find a full breakdown of HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals here on the OC-ESPORTS website.

You can also find a related photo album on the HWBOT Facebook page here.

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