OCWC 2017 Final: Overclocker Profiles – Wizerty (France)

Today’s Overclocker Profile article focuses on an OCWC contestant who is not only the top overclocker in his country, but also one of the most active evangelists for extreme overclocking that you will ever find. We are of course talking about Wizerty, the poster boy of French overclocking and one of the most persistently prolific overclockers active today. Let’s take a look at the man behind the LN2 flask and also revisit the path he took to qualify for the OCWC contest.

The Man Behind the LN2 Flask: Wizerty (France)

Jean-Michel ‘Wizerty’ Tisserand has been an active overclocker and HWBOT member since 2010. He is currently ranked as the No.1 French overclocker, 18th worldwide in the HWBOT rankings. As well as being team Captain for French Legion, one of the more active French Overclocking teams, he is also President and founder-member of the French Federation of Overclockers (FFOC), an organization that exists to promote and help French overclockers. Despite all of these accolades he also happens to be one of the nicest and most humble guys you will ever meet.

It may sound like a stereotype to some but Jean-Michel truly does have what lots of what you could only describe as French passion. A passion that drives him host overclocking meetups in his native Paris, to pen long-form articles for Tom’s Hardware and above all, a passion to spread the word of overclocking and help others feel it too. If there is any overclocking event going on in France, you can bet the name Wizerty is not far away.

Having been introduced to overclocking by FFOC co-founder and OverClocking-TV VP Xyala, he has quickly risen up the ranks to become the most widely recognized overclockers in the country. Above all, this guy thrives in live overclocking situations both social and competitive so you should not be too surprised to see excel in the Overclocking World Championship Final in just a few days time.

A few years ago OC-TV were fortunate enough to get a few minutes alone with Wizerty as part of the Overclocker in Focus series. Check out the video below if you want a better idea of what this guys is all about:

The Road to the OCWC 2017 Final

Wizerty qualified for the OCWC 2017 Final by winning the OCWC Moscow 2017 Qualifier at IgroMir Expo 2017, the biggest tech event in Russia. The event was in fact Wizerty’s second attempt to qualify for the contest, proof that sometimes if you really want something you may have to go out of your way to get it -in this case all the way from Paris to Moscow. His first crack at acquiring a seat at the Finals was at the OCWC Poitiers 2017 Qualifier in France. On that occasion he was defeated by his fellow countryman Niuulh in a tense Semi-Final 1v1 match. Undeterred and and as determined as ever, he traveled to Moscow in pursuit of joining eventual Poitiers 2017 winner Dancop (Germany) in the Finals.

The OCWC Moscow 2017 Qualifier was hosted at the ASUS booth at IgroMir Expo and featured seven of Eastern Europe’s most feared overclockers, plus Wizerty of course. Having made second place in the initial Qualification phase of the contest he was pitted against Viper-rd (Belarusia) in the second Semi-Final 1v1 match of the day.

Semi Final 2: Viper-rd vs Wizerty

The benchmark drawn was again 3Dmark11 Physics, however with no restrictions on CPU frequency. Wizerty was first to draw blood with an opening score of 15,571 marks. With Viper-rd slow to get going, the Frenchman pressed ahead making six steadily improving scores before Viper-rd had even made his first. With Wizerty sitting on an impressive score of 16,401 marks, the Belarusian made his first score – 15,636 marks, meaning he still had a long way to go catch up with Wizerty. The Frenchman was in fine form however, making successive scores of 17,006 and 18,094 marks. In the end Viper-rd could not keep up, making a final score of 16,057 marks. Wizerty would join Atheros in the Grand Final.

Grand Final: Atheros vs Wizerty

In the Grand Final we find French No.1 Wizerty in a head-to-head clash with Atheros, an Extreme overclocker currently ranked No.33 in Russia. The benchmark chosen at random was SuperPi 8M, a classic challenge that relies on CPU and memory performance to score highly. Once again wizerty showed his live overclocking experience by getting some decent scores on the board early on, making runs of 1min 10sec 257ms and 1min 6sec 194ms without reply.

Atheros soon got a foothold in the contest with a score of 1min 10sec 886ms, but Wizerty was in no mood to be beaten, conjuring all of OC skills to push on make faster and faster SuperPi runs – 1min 4sec 616ms was followed up with a final run in just 1min 4sec 429ms. Atheros could not get a run faster than 1min 8sec. Wizerty was proclaimed winner of the Overclocking World Championship Moscow 2017 Qualifier!

You can read the full roundup article of the OCWC Moscow 2017 Qualifier contest here on OC-ESPORTS.

Predict the Champion Contest

To celebrate the OCWC 2017 Final, we have teamed up with Seasonic to create the ‘OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner’ contest. All you have to do is correctly guess which overclocker will win the contest and you will entered into a prize draw where you can win some great prizes thanks to sponsors HWBOT and Seasonic. Prizes include a latest generation Intel Core i7 8700K processor and a high-end Seasonic PRIME Platinum power supply.

The contest is set up so that the more social actions you take, the better chance you have to win a prize. What is a social action? Actions include visiting he HWBOT Facebook page, the Seasonic Facebook page, plus following our Twitter feeds. There are 11 different types of action, each of which gives you an additional chance to win.

OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner

When you make your prediction about which overclocker will win the contest, you would be wise to also consider Wizerty (France), one of the most experienced live extreme overclocking contestants in the contest. Learn more about the Predict the Champion contest here.

Overclocking World Championship Final 2017, Berlin, Germany – December 9-10

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 featured overclocking events spanning ten countries around the world. These included the US, Brazil, France, Taiwan, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia and Australia. At each stop an Overclocking World Championship 2017 Qualifier contest was held – an extreme overclocking contest where the region’s most talented overclockers competed for a ticket to the OCWC Final.

After a year of competitive extreme overclocking, HWBOT is inviting all nine OCWC 2017 Qualifier winners to Berlin to compete for cash prizes and the right to be crowned Overclocking World Champion of 2017. Last year we saw marc0053 (Canada) step up to take the Championship title despite intense competition from some of the world’s most respected players. The 2017 OCWC Final promises to be even more intense with cash prizes adding an additional incentive to succeed.

Learn more about the OCWC 2017 Final here.

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