OCWC 2017 Final: Overclocker Profiles – PXHX (Brazil)

Welcome to part two of the Overclocker Profiles series where we introduce each of the overclockers that will compete in the Overclocking World Championship Final which is just days away.  We continue today by introducing you to a PXHX from Brazil, an overclocker that is one of three overclockers to make a second appearance in this competition.  Let’s have a gander at how PXHX qualified for the OCWC 2017 Final and also a look at the man behind the LN2 flask.

The Man Behind the LN2 Flask: PXHX (Brazil)

Brazilian overclockers have always enjoyed a solid presence on HWBOT. Rbuass (a.k.a. Ronaldo Buassali) is the legend that will spring to many minds, but today it’s difficult to see past Paulo Marquezini, an overclocker that uses the handle PXHX. Paulo is currently the fourth highest ranked Brazilian overclocker on HWBOT, just behind Darkvenom, joee90br and Rbuass, but don’t let that fool you, in live extreme overclocking contests Paulo has proved himself to be the top dog. Paulo managed to win the OCWC Sao Paulo Qualifier for the second year running, a feat only matched by two others.  In the 2016 OCWC Final in Berlin, he also gave a very decent account of himself, coming fourth overall in the initial ranking contest.

Paulo celebrates his Sao Paulo 2016 win with a smile

PXHX is the highest ranked member of the Team Brazil and a team captain too. In the Worldwide HWBOT rankings he is currently 137th. In Berlin next week Paulo will be the only Latin American representative.

The Road to the OCWC 2017 Final

Paulo qualified to compete in the OCWC 2017 Final by winning the OCWC Sao Paulo 2017 Qualifier contest which took place at the Campus Party on February 5th of this year. Extreme overclockers had been present at the Campus Party event throughout the week, taking advantage of the copious LN2 provided. After a qualifying day on February 3rd to decide which overclocker would face each other in the Semi’s, the roster was established. Semi Final 1 was a contest between PXHX and Renan0000, a newcomer to live Extreme overclocking and the HWBOT World Tour in general. In fact the first Semi-Final match proved to be what could only be described as a slightly mismatched encounter between one overclocker who had managed to go all the way to the top the previous year, and another with very little or no live overclocking experience.

The benchmark drawn in Semi-Final 1 was GPUPI for CPU 500M. Renan0000 was experiencing his first ever 1v1 live contest and admittedly was feeling a great deal of tension. This no doubt did not help his cause. After 30 mins of LN2 fuelled OC action, PXHX was showing his class and experience, posting a score of 1min 2sec 574ms. The fastest time that Rena0000 could muster, was 1min 8sec 555ms. PXHX progressed to the Final.

A close match was expected from the final, with last year’s champion PXHX facing current Brazil No.1 Darkvenom. As a note of interest, PXHX initially thought he had killed his CPU in the minutes leading up to the Final. His system simply would not boot. Worse still, the debug LED was reading 00, a sure sign that something is wrong with the CPU. As it turns out, PXHX was in fact suffering from a case of jangly nerves, not a burnt out CPU. Further investigation revealed that he had simply forgotten to connect the 12v CPU power rail. Wow. Proof that the stress of a live OC contest can make even the most experienced overclocker capable of truly rookie-grade mistakes.

After vetoes from both Overclockers, the 3DMark11 Physics 6GHhz benchmark was again selected, perhaps not a bad outcome for Darkvenom who had just competed on that benchmark in the Semi-Final. Would that little extra experience make the difference? At the end of the 30 minute competition window we find that Darkvenom was in fact unable to replicate the same standard of score that he had achieved in the Semi-Final, being unable to pass 16,006 marks. Meanwhile PXHX found himself posting the highest 3DMark11 Physics score of the day, hitting 16,758 marks. Here is the full score roundup for the OCWC Sao Paulo Qualifier:

After a nervous start Paulo was very relieved to have repeated his Sao Paulo win, winning some great prizes from Hyper X.

You can read more about the OCWC Sao Paulo 2017 Qualifier contest here with our full roundup article on OC-ESPORTS.

Predict the Champion Contest

To celebrate the OCWC 2017 Final, we have teamed up with Seasonic to create the ‘OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner’ contest. All you have to do is correctly guess which overclocker will win the contest and you will entered into a prize draw where you can win some great prizes thanks to sponsors HWBOT and Seasonic. Prizes include a latest generation Intel Core i7 8700K processor and a high-end Seasonic PRIME Platinum power supply.

The contest is set up so that the more social actions you take, the better chance you have to win a prize. What is a social action? Actions include visiting he HWBOT Facebook page, the Seasonic Facebook page, plus following our Twitter feeds. There are 11 different types of action, each of which gives you an additional chance to win.

OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner

When you make your prediction about which overclocker will win the contest, PXHX (Brazil) might not be favorite, but as it is his second attempt to become OCWC Champion, there’s no denying his pedigree. Learn more about the Predict the Champion contest here.

Overclocking World Championship Final 2017, Berlin, Germany – December 9-10

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 featured overclocking events spanning ten countries around the world. These included the US, Brazil, France, Taiwan, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia and Australia. At each stop an Overclocking World Championship 2017 Qualifier contest was held – an extreme overclocking contest where the region’s most talented overclockers competed for a ticket to the OCWC Final.

After a year of competitive extreme overclocking, HWBOT is inviting all nine OCWC 2017 Qualifier winners to Berlin to compete for cash prizes and the right to be crowned Overclocking World Champion of 2017. Last year we saw marc0053 (Canada) step up to take the Championship title despite intense competition from some of the world’s most respected players. The 2017 OCWC Final promises to be even more intense with cash prizes adding an additional incentive to succeed.

Learn more about the OCWC 2017 Final here.


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