OCWC 2017 Final: Overclocker Profiles – Lucky_n00b (Indonesia)

In our penultimate Overclocker Profile article we hone in one of the most dedicated and profoundly influential overclockers active today – Alva ‘Lucky_n00b’ Jonathan from Indonesia. Alva and the Jagat Review crew have had such a phenomenal impact on the Indonesian overclocking scene that we could probably put together a short novel to cover the story in earnest. For now, let’s take a look at the man behind the LN2 flask and also take a look at how Lucky_n00b arrived in Berlin to compete for the ultimate prize, the Overclocking World Championship crown.

The Man Behind the LN2 Flask: Lucky_n00b (Indonesia)

Like many overclockers Alva made his first BIOS tweak when he was still in Junior High School. His first steps were simply the act of trying to get higher frame rates in Quake 3 without having to splash cash on expensive CPUs and graphics cards. Having finished a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science his game progressed to the point where he wanted to compete in a live International OC contest.

That moment came in 2008 when he managed to qualify for the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2008 contest. To his own surprise he actually manged to finish in 1st place, winning a very tasty $3,000 USD in the process. That day he finished ahead of GoriLLakoS (Greece) and Coolaler (Taiwan) who came 2nd and 3rd. One thing is for certain, Lucky_n00b had the bug for live, competitive overclocking.

Alva also writes for Jagat Review and Jagat OC and has attained almost celebrity status in his native Indonesia. He can be found as an overclocking instructor at events around the country, helping young overclockers master the arts of the game and inspiring the next generation which includes co-competitor BlueFiber, the latest in a long line of proteges. His status as OC guru means Alva is also heavily involved in organizing and running the annual Amateur Overclocking Tournament (AOCT), a massive OC contest in Indonesia that is designed to recruit and nurture the next generation.

Alva is certainly one of the most passionate overclockers alive today. His place in the OCWC 2017 Final means that he will be competing for the second time having fallen at the Quarter Final stage last year after a tense battle with Y-Cruncher 1B and Xtreme Addict (Poland). This time around he will certainly be hoping to go further and will have one highly trained eye on the big prize itself.

Lucky_n00b is currently ranked as Indonesia’s No.1 overclocker. He is also ranked 18th in the Worldwide rankings on HWBOT. We managed to catch up with Alva two years ago to interview him as part of our Overclocker in Focus series. It’s a very interesting conversation with one of the most passionate and dedicated overclockers you will ever meet:

The Road to the OCWC 2017 Final

Alva’s first attempt to Qualify for the OCWC Final came in Las Vegas when he competed in the OCWC Las Vegas 2017 Qualifier contest. Alva was in town to cover the CES 2017 event for Jagat Review, but there was no way he was going to miss out on a chance to compete in an Extreme overclocking contest. Having reached the final, was ultimately defeated by steponz (US) after a tense affair involving SuperPi 8M.

However, the obvious setting for Alva ‘Lucky-n00b’ Jonathan to qualify for the OCWC 2017 Final would have been the OCWC Yogayakarta 2017 Qualifier which took place back in September. Alva however ruled himself as ineligible to compete, seeing as he was actually involved as an event organizer, also helping out as a judge along side HWBOT’s Massman. Again, a selfless move that underlines his dedication to the game.

Acting as judge, Alva declares his protoge BlueFiber as contest winner with more than a hint of personal pride.

As the 2017 season progressed it clearly did not sit well with Alva to not yet have seat in the OCWC Final. The only contest left on the calendar  was the Melbourne 2017 Qualifier. That was until HWBOT announced that there would also be a hastily organized Taipei II event and a Taipei II OCWC Qualifier contest. Alva immediate booked his ticket to Taipei. Unfortunately, no local overclockers were available to compete in the contest, which meant that Alva was left to complete the benchmarks for the Qualifier on his own. Regardless, his efforts earned him a coveted spot in the finals.

Coolaler, the man he defeated back in 2008 at the MSI Master Overclocking Arena contest, presents Alva with his prize.

Learn  more about the Taipei II 2017 event here.

Predict the Champion Contest

To celebrate the OCWC 2017 Final, we have teamed up with Seasonic to create the ‘OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner’ contest. All you have to do is correctly guess which overclocker will win the contest and you will entered into a prize draw where you can win some great prizes thanks to sponsors HWBOT and Seasonic. Prizes include a latest generation Intel Core i7 8700K processor and a high-end Seasonic PRIME Platinum power supply.

The contest is set up so that the more social actions you take, the better chance you have to win a prize. What is a social action? Actions include visiting he HWBOT Facebook page, the Seasonic Facebook page, plus following our Twitter feeds. There are 11 different types of action, each of which gives you an additional chance to win.

OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner

When you make your prediction about which overclocker will win the contest, you surely must consider Lucky_n00b, a monster live extreme overclocker that probably has more experience than either of his rivals. Learn more about the Predict the Champion contest here.

Overclocking World Championship Final 2017, Berlin, Germany – December 9-10

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 featured overclocking events spanning ten countries around the world. These included the US, Brazil, France, Taiwan, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia and Australia. At each stop an Overclocking World Championship 2017 Qualifier contest was held – an extreme overclocking contest where the region’s most talented overclockers competed for a ticket to the OCWC Final.

After a year of competitive extreme overclocking, HWBOT is inviting all nine OCWC 2017 Qualifier winners to Berlin to compete for cash prizes and the right to be crowned Overclocking World Champion of 2017. Last year we saw marc0053 (Canada) step up to take the Championship title despite intense competition from some of the world’s most respected players. The 2017 OCWC Final promises to be even more intense with cash prizes adding an additional incentive to succeed.

Learn more about the OCWC 2017 Final here.

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