Enter the ‘OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Champion’ Contest

The climax of the Overclocking World Championship is almost upon us with the OCWC 2017 Final happening just a few sort weeks from now. To celebrate the event, we have teamed up with Seasonic to create the ‘OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner’ contest. All you have to do is correctly guess which overclocker will win the contest and you will entered into a prize draw where you can win some great prizes thanks to sponsors HWBOT and Seasonic. Prizes include a latest generation Intel Core i7 8700K processor and a high-end Seasonic PRIME Platinum power supply.

The contest is set up so that the more social actions you take, the better chance you have to win a prize. What is a social action? Actions include visiting he HWBOT Facebook page, the Seasonic Facebook page, plus following our Twitter feeds. There are 11 different types of action, each of which gives you an additional chance to win.

However, the most important action you can make is predicting the winner of the contest. You need to guess correctly or all bets are off. There are nine overclockers competing in the contest so choose carefully!

OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner

OCWC 2017 Final – Predict the Winner: Prizes

Intel Core i7 8700K Processor

HWBOT are kindly contributing an Intel Core i7 8700K processor (tray). It’s the flagship model of the latest mainstream desktop processor series  bring all the benefit of 6 Coffee Lake architecture Cores, each with a base clock of 3.7 GHz (4.7 GHz Turbo). The Core i7 8700K is compatible with the latest socket LGA1151 and Intel Z370 chipset motherboards and boasts exceptional performance, arriving unlocked and ready for performance tuning and serious overclocking.Learn more about the Intel Core i7 8700K processor here.

PRIME 850 W Platinum Power Supply

HWBOT World Tour 2017 partners Seasonic are contributing a Seasonic PRIME Platinum 850 watt power supply. It is a champion of stable and reliable power delivery, boasting a near-perfect voltage output which represents Seasonic’s market leading engineering feat.Learn more about the Seasonic PRIME 850 W Platinum PSU here.

You can find more information about the Overclocking World Championship 2017 contest here.

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