About the HWBOT World Tour

The HWBOT World Tour is organized by HWBOT, the world’s leading platform for competitive overclocking. As well as organizing online competitions and regulating global score submissions, the HWBOT mission also includes evangelizing overclocking as an eSPORT and the promotion of overclocking on a truly global level. The HWBOT World Tour is a crucial element in bringing overclocking to people of all walks of life, in all corners of the globe.

Amateur Overclocking Workshops:

As an important part of nurturing the next generation of overclockers, Amateur OC Workshops give newcomers a chance to learn the basics of overclocking, getting tutelage and experience from seasoned overclocking professionals.


Extreme and Amateur Overclocking Contests:

The HWBOT World Tour also invites the best regional overclocking talent to compete for prizes and a place in the World Championship Finals at the end of the year. Amateur level contests also allow newcomers to compete for prizes and kudos.


Overclocker’s Gathering:

A major aspect of any HWBOT World Tour event is providing a relaxed environment where overclockers can mix socially, discuss the deeper aspects of overclocking and have a good time amongst like-minded peers.


The HWBOT World Tour 2017: Bigger Than Ever

The HWBOT World 2017 will be the largest of its kind, building on the success of previous World Tours in 2015 and 2016. The first World Tour in 2015 involved events in three countries around the world. This was expanded in 2016 to a total of seven World Tour events spanning five continents across the globe. In 2017 we will organize eleven World Tour events, reaching more PC enthusiasts and overclockers than ever before.

Join us in 2017

The HWBOT World Tour would not be possible without the contribution of our valued industry partners around the world. Our partner list from previous World Tours includes Intel, ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, Seasonic, G.SKILL, HyperX, KLEVV, Corsair, Apacer, ZADAK511, AOC and Philips.

The HWBOT World Tour is an effective and unique way for brands to reach a specific audience of PC enthusiasts, DIY builder, PC gamers and overclockers. For partnership opportunities in 2017, email us at contact@hwbot.org